“Sometimes It’s An Investment” | Dr Malinga Finally Speaks After “Buying” R5Million McLaren Sports Car


Singer and dancer Dr Malinga has finally spoken after going viral recently when he posted a video driving a R5 million McLaren.

Dr Malinga shared the video on his Facebook page on 4 November, and he has been trending since.



In the video, Dr Malinga was sitting in a sleek red McLaren supercar, grinning gleefully as he waved his hands while looking at the camera. He then closed the car’s butterfly door, opened the window and took his barefoot out in celebration as he continued waving. What made the video more interesting was that he played his song Siyabonga Nkosi as he flexed the McLaren.

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The video sparked outrage on social media as netizens could not believe that barely a couple of months ago, Dr Malinga was appealing for donations, and now he drives an expensive supercar.

People who helped Dr Malinga when he asked for donations felt scammed and betrayed by the musician. They questioned if he was ever broke in the first place, if he just needed donations to buy a McLaren and if his tears on MacG’s podcast were genuine.


Dr Malinga Finally Speaks After “Buying” R5Million McLaren Sports Car [Image: Last FM]

The Via Orlando vocalist has finally addressed the issue after the noise the McLaren caused. He spoke to TimesLIVE:

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“It’s not my car. It’s just a video. I never wrote that the car is mine. It’s my friend’s car, not my car. For now, I cannot afford such a car. Even if I had the money, I wouldn’t buy that car now. That car is too small for me; I love big cars. Buying a McLaren for me is the last resort. I think the song is what misled them because I’m thanking God. They might have thought I was thanking God for the car.

“The money that they donated helped a lot, I paid R100,000 to Sars, and now I am getting booked and getting the booking money … You don’t help people and expect them not to grow. Though some will say cars are not an investment, sometimes it’s an investment in your happiness.

“Some people are just acting like they invested. Those that are giving me backlash are the people that didn’t contribute at all. They just like fighting. And even if I bought it, sometimes when you donate, you donate for someone to grow, not to kill him.”


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