Some Nigerians May Withdraw To Villages Later, Says T.B Joshua

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Ivdel’ The founder of Overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN),  Prophet T.B Joshua has stated that Nigerians may later have no choice than to go back to villages due to coronavirus pandemic in the country.

Jandira Nigerians According to T.B. Joshua, God revealed to him that hard times will follow immediately after the lockdown, advising everyone to cut their coat according to their cloth.

He said to survive, some may have to “withdraw from the city to a rural life or to do away with some of your properties”.

While speaking during a live service on Emmanuel TV on Sunday, T.B Joshua said those who adjust to the new condition of things will be able to overcome while those who fail to do so may “go down with the times, either by disappointment, failure, death”.

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The popular pastor urged people not to give up, saying: “Sometimes God allows situations like this – I mean disappointment or something more serious – so that you can take your proper position and possessions.

“Ask your family members to cut their coat according to their cloth. If any of them was living big before, they have to prepare to adjust now to the situation that is coming. Check your store and bring out the things you may need to sell. Right now, you need to be living modestly.

“Something must happen every 100 years to affect the whole world. This is what has happened in our own lifetime. It has been like that for generations.

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