Social Media Mourns Nigerian Slay Queen Involved In A Botched Liposuction Surgery

People on social media are shocked over a Nigerian slay queen who died in India in botched liposuction surgery.

The trend of getting Brazilan Butt Lifts and liposuction surgeries has been making waves across the internet as women splash thousands to get enhanced.

Recently, musician and deejay Sithelo Shozi shared her butt lift journey on her Instagram handle. The mother of three went to Turkey to get her body properly pimped and work on her nose and teeth.



Twenty-one-year-old slay queen, and disc jockey Cyan Boujee also admitted on Podcast and Chill that she got liposuction to fix her body shape, which she was constantly bullied for back in high school.

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Despite the risks associated with body-enhancing surgeries, women still splash large sums of money to get worked on.

Things ended terribly wrong for a Nigerian slay queen after she died during liposuction surgery.

Liposuction, or simply lipo, is a type of fat-removal procedure used in plastic surgery. Women usually get this surgery around their torso so that their hips and behinds are more accentuated and bigger.

The Nigerian slay queen, Amelia Pounds, flew to India so she could get a killer body. Most of her friends had done BBL and liposuction surgeries, and she felt she should also get one.

Complications developed during the surgery, and things went horribly wrong, and Amelia died. A picture circulated online showing the 28-year-old slay queen’s lifeless body in a hospital bed as she wore a medical gown.

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Social Media Mourns Nigerian Slay Queen Involved In A Botched Liposuction Surgery [Image: Gists9ja]

Social media users shared mixed emotions about Amelia Pounds’ death. Check out below.



“Be content with what you have.”


“But why did she do liposuction? She had a stunning body already.”


“People should just stop body shaming. You don’t know how much depression & confusion you cause in someone’s life. People end up not knowing what to do. May her soul rest in peace🙏🏻.”


“People who love you will accept and appreciate you for who you are. Build up your own self-confidence and stop chasing unrealistic social media standards.”


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