Sliced human pen!s in jar found in a garden

Severed pen!s in jar found in a garden

After severed penis was discoverded by a gardener  at his mother’s garden as he tended to the weeds, Police in Argentina are investigating

The strange occurrence happened at a property in Balcarce, a town in Buenos Aires province around 30 miles west of the Atlantic Ocean coastal resort of Mar de Plata.



Local reports said the gardener had accidentally broken the jar as he tended to his mum’s overgrown grass for the first time in three months and was struck by the “strong smell” coming from inside.


Severed pen!s in jar found in a garden


Police forensic experts took the jar and its contents away after being called to the scene by the stunned man.

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The police have not yet made any official comment about who they suspect the severed penis might belong to or who severed it.


A court investigation categorised as “discovery of human remains” has been opened.


Severed pen!s in jar found in a garden


Photos of the severed male member in the jar and police carrying out a site examination have been published in local media.


“The jar contained a liquid which was protecting the penis inside,” police said.



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