Skeem Saam’s Zamokuhle Clement Maosa’s Education Qualifications: Could He Be One Of Mzansi’s Smartest Actors?


Skeem Saam’s Zamokuhle Clement Maosa could be one of Mzansi’s smartest actors. [Image: SowetanLive and Clement Maosa]

Skeem Saam’s Zamokuhle Clement Maosa has become one of South Africa’s most loved television characters over the past ten years.

The thirty-four year old actor joined the SABC 1 series at its introduction onto South African screens in October 2011 at 23, and he has morphed into one of its most important characters.

Most South African actors get on screen in their teenage years, so most people will probably question why Clement Maosa made his first TV debut at an age older than Mzansi’s acting norm. The main reason is that he was in school earning his academic stripes.

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Skeem Saam’s Zamokuhle has always loved acting from a very tender age. However, his parents did not believe back then that this dream could give him a decent life.

He told SowetanLIVE:

I started acting when I was very, very young and growing up I always knew it’s a calling. Though nobody believed in me‚ even parents forced me to study law‚ I never gave up on the dream.


Zamokuhle studied Law at the University of Limpopo and graduated with an LLB. Life was rough, and he had to endure the pangs of poverty just to make something out of himself.

Clement revealed that in university, he usually survived on R2 noodles as money was hard to come by, as reported by Savanna News. In college, he was once Mr University of Limpopo finalist.

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Because of his burning passion for acting, he returned to the profession since he had fulfilled his parents’ wish for him to be educated.

His passion could not give him a decent monetary return as he could not get proper roles. After unsuccessful stints, Skeem Saam’s Zamokuhle decided to work at a law firm since he already had the qualifications for the profession.

When it was dry in the industry I tried working in the legal field but only lasted three months. Then left and came back because you can’t run away from your calling.

How he got the Skeem Saam role is a perfect example of stars aligning. Clement Maosa responded to the series’ advert for auditions, and Skeem Saam called him.

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He then told the Casting Director that he did not have transport fares. The Casting Director insisted he comes, and he had to borrow R350.

Skeem Saam’s Zamokuhle finessed his audition to perfection, and his life has never been the same after that day.

Skeem Saam's Zamokuhle
Clement Maosa [Image: clementmaosa/Instagram]

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