Six week-old marriage crashes after husband found out wife used jaruma on him

A 6-week-old marriage has hit the rock after the husband found out that his wife has been using Jaruma products on him.

According to a social media user who shared the narration on twitter, the marriage happened just six weeks ago which was fun-filled.

He also revealed that apart from the wife using Jaruma products on him, he also found out that she is married to a man in jail in Germany.

He wrote;

This lady who we all hugged and congratulated on her wedding about 6 weeks ago is already being divorced by the husband. Case filed already. Please you people should stop wasting our time, fuel, t.fare and “congratulations”. If you aren’t ready to marry, remain on “God when”.

What i am hearing is that husband found out that wife used a jaruma on him and wondered why he was spending on her with reckless abandon. Also found out that wife was already married to another Nigerian who is currently in jail in Germany. Smh

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