Singer, Cardi B Shares Intimate Video of Her Having a ‘Lockdown’ Bikini Waxing

Popular American rapper, songwriter Cardi B posted a video of herself on Instagram seemingly getting a professional bikini wax at home with other people around her.

Cardi B

The mother of one and singer, Cardi B, howled in pain and screamed through her face mask as a lady got to work, leaving fans confused as to whether she was breaking social distancing rules.

While the wax was taking place in the room, Cardi B held another person’s hand, who was wearing scrubs, while screaming: ‘Erika, Erika, Erika!’

Erika La Pearl is the name of Cardi’s long-term make-up artist, so it could be that she is quarantining with the singer, although this is not clear if she was present.

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Wait, where’s the nail lady?’ asked Cardi, and shortly thereafter another woman could be partly seen holding the Bodak Yellow hitmaker’s hand as she wailed.

Leaving fans confused about whether or not Cardi was sticking to social distancing measures, Cardi wrote: ‘Today is pain day!’


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