SHOCKING VIDEO| Nigerian Driver Honoured For Driving Burning Fuel Tanker Away From An Overpopulated Neighbourhood


A Nigerian driver sped outside a neighbourhood, driving a burning fuel tanker. [Image: Screenshot]

A Nigerian truck driver has been honoured for heroically saving people’s lives after driving a burning fuel tanker away from a densely populated suburban area of Agbarho in the Delta State of Nigeria.

Ejiro Otarigho shocked social media users and the general public on 10 June after he sped off with a fuel tanker on fire. Independent reported that he was driving along a busy road which links the bustling cities of Warri and Port-Harcourt.

Along the way, the truck loaded with30,000 litre of petrol exploded into fiery flames, shaking the densely populated town. Instead of stopping the truck and fleeing for his life, Otarigho did the impossible.

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He kept driving the truck, speeding it so that he would steer away from people. The more he sped, the more raging the fire became as it spread on the whole tanker.

He then drove it to the outskirts, about a kilometre from the neighbourhood, close to a river. In the video, onlookers could be heard frantically screaming in shock and panic, expecting the fire to engulf and swallow Otarigho until his dusty ash remained.

People along the road he drove on took out their phones to capture the scary incident for the world to see the unmatched bravery of Otarigho. After parking the blazing tanker, onlookers dragged him out of the truck.

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As if protected by the gods for his courageous exploits, Otarigho was reportedly saved with no injuries. It can only be fathomed how many people could have been charred had the truck exploded.

Watch the heroic video below.

The Delta State Government paid homage to Ejiro Otarigho on 16 June, offering him a 2 million naira cheque (R77,000), a plaque and a letter of commendation.

Last year, a fuel tanker explosion in Sierra Leone killed 98 people.

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