Naked Witches: Confusion As Man Sexually Assaults Two Witches After He Caught Them Nude In His Yard

In a rather bizarre development, a Limpopo man sexually assaulted two witches after he caught them naked in his yard.

A 43-year-old widower from Saselamani outside of Giyani allegedly locked the two women inside his house and sexually assaulted them for hours after he caught them in his yard at 4 am.

According to his neighbors, the widower only identified as Alfred pulled a shocker on them by sexually assaulting the two witches as they were prepared to burn them.

One of the neighbors who spotted the two alleged witches said that he was on his way to work at around 4 AM when he saw two naked women stuck inside Alfred’s yard.

He said he called Alfred to come out, and whilst at it, he also rounded up other community members to bring petrol and tires so that they could burn them. However, to their surprise, Alfred told them not to worry stating that he will deal with the two witches his own way before dragging them inside his house and locking the doors.

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Alfred’s neighbor revealed that after he locked the doors behind them,  he heard screams and moaning coming from the house.

Fearing for the worst, the neighbors asked Alfred to open the door but he refused to open the door prompting them to call the police who arrived a few hours later.

When the police arrived they kicked open the door and, caught Alfred red-handed sexually assaulting them.

According to Onetaal, the police took all three of them to the local police station and released them all on that same day. The women allegedly refused to open a case against Alfred even though he abused them for over three hours.

In his defense, Alfred said he did what he did because he figured they already bewitched him. He said a prophet told him two women were busy putting a curse on him to prevent him from marrying again, so he wanted to take his sexual frustration out on them.

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Meanwhile, the incident has since sparked a debate on social media as many were surprised by the unusual incident. Here are some of the reactions from social media;


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