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She broke up with me cause i can cook better than her- Nigerian man narrates



Chuka Phillip-Johnson an editor at DutchReview narrates how why his ex-girlfriend broke up with him. He explained this on social media. Chuka said that his former girlfriend broke up with him because he could cook better than her.

A Twitter user had asked people to share their experience when they dated someone who was jealous of them, and Chuka Phillip-Johnson replied;

“Yeah, it was a Nigerian lady. She felt somehow threatened and was extremely jealous when she found out I could cook (better than her). She was one of those girls raised in a traditional home, where cooking is a woman’s job. She used to call the kitchen, ‘her office’.

“Since I love to cook, and wanted to cook almost all the time, she said I had succeeded in taking away one of the things that made her a woman. It was a very weird dating phase and didn’t last that long. Imagine someone breaking up with you because you cook better than her. Lool.”


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