Shark filmed lurking feet from oblivious surfers in exact spot where man died


Heart-stopping video shows a huge shark lurking close to a group of clueless surfers in the dangerous waters where a bodyboarder was killed nearly 10 years ago.

The apex predator was seen swimming inches away from the water sports enthusiasts close to Betty’s Bay in Cape Town, South Africa.

Greg Davies, who shared the footage on Twitter yesterday (January 18), can be heard talking to his friend while he zooms in from a high vantage point.

A bodyboarder is seen paddling out towards their friend as the shark approaches from the left.

The creature is filmed disappearing in the waves not far from the coast, where a group of swimmers are dipping their feet in the shallow water.

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A shark was seen swimming close to a surfer who was paddling out to join their friend in the water

Greg and his friends are stunned as they watch the predator swimming closer to the people, who appear to have no idea of the shark’s presence.

“It’s crazy, maybe it’s just below the surface. They don’t even know about it,” he said.

As soon as Greg posted the clip online, some viewers pointed out that the location was close to the spot where surfer David Lilienfeld perished after a fatal shark attack in April 2012.

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The 20-year-old Springbok bodyboarder was hunted by a 13ft-long great white shark when he was riding waves with his brother Gustav at Gordons Bay.

Viewers said the location was very close to the spot where a surfer died in a shark attack nearly 10 years ago
Viewers said the location was very close to the spot where a surfer died in a shark attack nearly 10 years ago

He was hit by the shark three times and died with severe injuries after he was rushed to the hospital.

One viewer said: “Shows that humans not natural prey. I’ve seen aerial shots of 10 sharks in false bay with surfers. No one bothered anyone.”

Another added: “It’s good they didn’t see the shark otherwise they would panic and seem as if an animal is distressed and then it attacks.”

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Others said a warning flag was raised and that the people surfing at the spot understood the risk.


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