Shadaya Drags Olinda Chapel As He Tears Into Stunner & Dyonne’s Saga

Stunner x Shadhaya (photo credit: Instagram)

Outspoken socialite Shadaya has decided to weigh in on the ongoing drama between Stunner and Dyonne.

Stunner hogged the limelight yesterday after it emerged that he publicly slapped his wife at the Dope Party.

Taking to Twitter, Shadaya pointed his flaming guns at Stunner and Dyonne as he analyzed their characters and factors that could have led to Stunner physically assaulting Dyonne at such a public event.

Shadaya said loss of respect from his fans and his wife could have prompted him to act out the way he did. He alleges that

1. LOSS OF RESPECT: if no one respects you how then do you expect your woman to respect you. And here is the thing about respect, it requires credibility. Other men should fear you & also admire you whilst other women should desire you. Which is no longer the case for the t€enager, daily his roasted online by everyone for his tomfoolery & the women are no longer that much attracted to him (women with taste to be specific)

Once a woman no longer respects you, her attraction towards you starts decreasing leading her to eventually cheating on you. The fact that he was fuming over access to his woman’s phone says it all, she’s playing games.

Shadaya said Dyonne could not be blamed if she was flirting on the phone with other men because Stunner is a ‘man-baby.’  He said Stunner is immature and exposes his imbecility for the whole world to see. Shadaya went on to make reference to the viral video of Stunner after slapping his wife saying,  he can not control his emotions.

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He went on to fire shots at Dyonne as he labelled her an ‘it girl’ saying she is for the streets not home.

Now let us look at the SK£NK IT GIRL: it has been preached countless times, IT GIRLS are for the streets never for the home. These are high maintenance chicks, they’re for the short time, not for the long time. Simply put, they’re LIABILITIES

He said Dyonne was a high maintenance girl and Stunner was struggling to meet her demands. As if that wasnt enough, he dragged Olinda Chapel saying that at the time Stunner and Dyonne started dating,  he was financially stable because of Olinda’s money.

At the time our te3nager started dating this woman, he was financially stable (Jojo Tanks’ money), a decade later the guy is broke, he’s even doing shows for $20 a whole night. He can no longer support this IT GIRL, her demands far outweigh what he is making/earning

Shadaya opined that since Stunner is failing to provide for his wife and meet her demands, she is now willing to do anything to get that comfy life even if it means cheating on her husband. He said Stunner shouldn’t be surprised if Dyonne cheats on him since he got her the same way.

She’ll do anything to get that comfy life, even if that means crossing her matrimonial boundaries. SHE’S A PLAYER: once a player always a player. Honestly why is he in his feelings over the thought that she may be cheating when he got her the same way…

If she cheated with you then you’re guaranteed 99.9% that at some point she will cheat on you too. A leopard never changes it’s spots. She enjoys the game, coupled with the fact that she’s still in her prime years, that’s a no brainer, she will cheat

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