Seven (7) Things You Can Learn In One Minute That Will Be Useful For The Rest Of Your Life

Learning, as people say, is an interminable journey. We ‘re in a constant process of discovering new things, from cradle to grave. It’s a crucial part of our lives. By knowing new things, we will remain unaware of the world’s wonderful things. When we get the information, our sight widens and we become lifelong learners. And in a minute, what are the things you will learn that will be useful for the rest of your life.

1. Should not take the weapon out, if you get stabbed. It could be plugging the wound up, bleeding to death, rushing to a hospital instead. They can easily remove it.

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2. When a nuclear bomb or grenade is going off near you, and you’re outside, run to the closest ditch and lie in it. If no ditch remains, lie behind the shortest, sturdiest thing you can find as concrete barriers. Tall walls are terrible, potentially collapsing on you. However, if you’re inside, get away from blast-facing walls and cover and lie down under something strong that can shield you from a falling roof like a desk, stairs, door frame, etc. And again, to shield them from debris, close your eyes, and open your mouth to cover your eardrums.

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3. When you are in a lightning storm outside, and your hair starts to float, try immediate place to hide, you are about to be hit by lightning.

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4. The easiest way to knock out a person is to hit the side of their neck, usually with a karate chop. To cause a blackout, the neck takes the least amount of force than any other area of the body and the person would disappear for about 30 seconds.

5. Take your case in every argument, and shut up. Generally, you have weaker points that are easier to counter, and ultimately weaken your stance, when you keep talking to improve your argument.

6. Using Ctrl + Shift + V instead of Ctrl + V to paste any text from a website or a document into another without editing the text with its original font size, color, and style.

7. Last but not least, never get your haircut on special event day. You take haircut because you feel more attractive, or smarter two(2), or three ( 3) days later.

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