See The Men That Robbed Five Churches In Rivers State And Killed The Pastor (Details below)

Operatives of the rivers state police command acting on intelligence reports paraded a gang of notorious criminals who robbed about five churches in rivers state and ended up killing the church pastor.

The notorious arm robbers have been in the police wanted list for a long period of time, the police took their time to make the investigated the case and followed this robbers slowly till they were finally apprehended.

The rivers state police commissioner while talking to newsmen first of all comfirmed the arrest and applause his men for bringing the criminals to book.

He said that this group of arm robbers on the 17th of March attacked five different church in rivers and state and made away with huge amount of money which was said to be the church offerings.

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The police said before the could get to the scene the robbery gang had already finished Robbing and the left with the money.

Since then, the police have been on serious investigation, it was the end of the road for this robbery gang when the police hard a distress call of them Robbing a church again along omukuru road, they police swing into actions and on getting to the scene exchange serious bullet with the arm robbers, but they were finally overpowered by the police.

They police commissioner Said they have been looking for this set of criminals for a long time Untill the were finally apprehended.

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After series of interrogations they confessed and accepted their crime, they gang leader who spoke to the police said they were the ones who robbed they five church and killed two pastors.

He said that the specialized in Robbing churches and have made so much money from it.

According to the police commissioner he said that they will be charge to court as soon as their investigations are concluded.

They police has also reassured the people of rivers state of their interest in fighting crime and other related offenses in the state.

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