See The Disease That Caused The Death of Nigeria’s Billionaire Yesterday

Regardless of the large vehicles and costly chateau we have, dust we are made from that equivalent residue we will return. No man will take his possessions to paradise or heck, on the grounds that it is written in the sacred texts that life itself is vanity.

Death why? It pains of death stings more than a bee, it tears the heart of many people to a thousand pieces. Nevertheless, we pray God preserve our life for good, since that misfortune called death is a respecter of nobody.

Just yesterday, news breaks the media that popular 61-years-old Yoruba billionaire, Bolu Akin-Olugbade is dead, according to source he was killed after suffering from Covid-19, this is to tell you that the sickness Covid-19 is very real and it takes the grace of God to fight against the disease with the help of science.

The man was known for his expensive taste, especially Rolls Royce, but today he is gone leaving everything behind. See some of his photos.


May the man soul rest in peace peace.

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