See new method ritualist use to get their victim, please warn your children

The month of ember is a month you need to be extremely careful with way you interact with stranger. Please be warn, I will share with you some method ritualist do get their victims for money.

1) They will disguise themselves as mad man or women, they will be pretending to be mad, please if you see any strange face in your area, it is very important to report to the police.

2) Please warn your children to stop picking money from the ground, that doesn’t belong to them. In most cases it was put by the evil men so as to get their victims. Maybe if you pick the money, it is likely for the persons to turn goat or hen.

3) please stop answering unknown call from your phone it is very important. If you see any strange number calling your phone be careful. Because someone in my area just lost his life after doing a video call with an unknown number.

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Please it is very important to share this information.

Dear parents warn your children to be very careful this months and also share this information with friends and family

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