SARS: 3 Things That Could Put You In Trouble If Found In Your Phone

Nigeria today has become a place where every individuals run just to make peace, everybody in the society is now a suspect since the harassment and brutal killings of Nigerian youths by the Nigerian security agency, popularly known as SARS operatives.

The Nigerian SARS operatives are now seriously molesting and pursuing every individuals especially when they see any suspicious items saved in people’s mobile phones. You don’t have to fall victim before you understand what most Nigerians are passing through, this period isn’t all about searching for scammers, something you might call common can easily get you into a big situation. So you probably needs to avoid keeping some certain things in your mobile phones to avoid embarrassment and unexpected spending.

1. Avoid Keeping White People’s Pictures In Your Mobile Phones

This period you don’t need to full your gallery in the essence of saving white men and women pictures. The simple thing you need to understand concerning this issues is, they securities are no longer arresting most people just because they were confirmed guilty for fraud but only because most of them was suspected after finding out some unusual items saved in their mobile phones.

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2. Do Well To Delete Any Knowing or Unknowing WhatsApp/Facebook Voice Message Talking Against SARS

You should be able to know the type of voice messages saved in your smart phones, sometimes people do send us voice messages even the ones we might not have interest to listen. Somebody could decides to use your contact to pass information weather it contains the ones you mostly listen or not. But when you’re done with them just scrap it down immediately. All you need is to search well in your phone to ensure you don’t have any unusual voice messages.

3. Delete Some Non Using Application Relating To Foreign Transactions

Sometimes we keep some pointless applications in our phone that has many things to do with foreign country’s transaction. This period you need to speed up by clearing those applications. Keep your mobile phones free and feel free to walk in their presence. Don’t fall a victim.

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