Russia’s President Vladimir Putin could nuke the entire world from the solid gold toilet seat of his £390million ‘Putin Force One’ if he really wanted to.

Everything about Russia is impossibly large so it’s perhaps no surprise Putin flies in serious style.

Known officially as “Plane No. 1”, but unofficially as “Putin Force One”, Vlad actually has five wide-bodied Ilyushin Il-96-300PU aircraft that he chooses at random depending on his mood and paranoia that day.

On any Presidential trip Putin goes on, two planes will be used with one carrying him and the other his entourage which serves as a decoy.

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Each of the aircraft is more than a match for the US Air Force One though and come armed with a terrifying array of toys.

Putin’s plane is in direct competition with America’s Air Force One

In classic Russian style, Putin’s wings are a tad bigger than Biden’s coming in at a massive 60.11 m helping the plane to hit top speeds of up to 560mph reports aerotime.

His plane is also equipped with all the latest security attachments to prevent him from going down over enemy (or in Putin’s case friendly territory whose sovereignty he’s infringed) territory.

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These include anti-missile lasers, heavy radiation shielding and electronic warfare suites capable of jamming communications.

And needless to say just because Putin’s in the sky it doesn’t mean people can’t die as the Russian’s bosses plane also serves as a command post from where he can direct his country.

This means if the mood took him Putin could launch a nuke from the air.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (Photo by ALEXEY NIKOLSKY/Sputnik/AFP via Getty Images)
Russian President Vladimir Putin has kitted out the inside of his plane like a palace

However, judging from how well kitted out the rest of his plane is, it’s likely he’d be too relaxed while on board to even contemplate launching nuclear armageddon.

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Ever a man of principle, Vlad has spared no expense when it comes to luxury and his warplane comes kitted out in all the absurd trappings of Russia’s elite.

The insides of the plane are decorated in golden jewels and the toilet itself has a solid gold sink and solid gold bidet.

Vlad can also wind down in the swanky onboard bar after a gym session before hitting the hay in his four-poster bed.

It’s an easy life for some!

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