Russian troops are lugging mobile cremation chambers to the war in Ukraine in order to conceal the true death toll, claims Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Zelenskyy fumed on Thursday that Vladimir Putin’s men are incinerating the bodies of their fallen soldiers, with Russian and Ukrainian sources offering wildly different estimates of the true amount killed.

At a press conference with reporters in Kyiv he described the Russian forces as “cannon fodder”, adding: “These guys are carrying those cremation chambers for themselves.

“It’s inhumane.

“No one is counting them. No one cares how many die in the shellings.

“They knew in advance they were not going to show to their families, to their mothers, what happened to their children, that they died here.

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Zelenskyy described the Russian troops as “cannon fodder”

“They came here to kill us, and we are defending our freedom and our homes, and that’s why they’re dying.

“We don’t want to kill them.”

Since the start of the invasion Ukrainian government forces now put the number of dead Russians at over 9,000.

They also claim to have taken out 30 Russian jets, 31 helicopters, 217 tanks, 90 pieces of artillery and 900 armoured people carriers as of Thursday morning.

Russia 'bringing mobile crematoriums to Ukraine to hide real death toll', says Zelenskyy
The Ukrainian government says over 9,000 Russians have now died in the invasion

The Russian Defence Ministry in Moscow only admitted to around 500 deaths on Wednesday, with a further 1,600 injured.

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An American official told The New York Times on Thursday that the amount of Russian troops killed is more likely around 2,000 thus far.

Intelligence estimated that roughly 150,000 Russian troops were gathered to support the invasion, which has not been the swift success Putin had hoped.

Russia 'bringing mobile crematoriums to Ukraine to hide real death toll', says Zelenskyy
Putin’s “special military operation” isn’t going exactly as he planned

Only on Thursday, a week after Russian troops first marched across the border, did they manage to take their first key city – Kherson in the south.

The Russian’s have had most of their success in southern regions, fanning out from annexed Crimea, whereas in the north forces are still struggling to topple Kharkiv and Kyiv.

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With bombing on civilian targets and the amount of innocent Ukrainians killed increasing, military experts have expressed concerns that Putin is escalating violence in the face of defiant resistance from Ukraine.

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