Russia to send ‘butchers of Bucha’ back to Ukraine after rape and slaughter

Russia will be sending its “butchers of Bucha” forces back to the Ukraine after they brutally slaughtered 200 civilians and raped children, Ukrainian officials have chillingly claimed.

The barbaric troops of the 64th Motorised Rifle Brigade of the 35th All-Russian Army withdrew from the city of Bucha last week where they filled several graves with tortured civilian corpses.

They left a trail of destruction and suffering in neighbourhoods around Kyiv, Ukrainian authorities say.

Ukraine’s Defence ministry claimed Russian commanders are refusing to rotate their brigades which means blood-thirsty troops are already on their way for redeployment, The Sun reported.

“Another goal of the rapid return of the 64th Brigade to Ukrainian territory is the quick ‘disposal’ of unnecessary witnesses,” the defence ministry said.

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Ukainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy fought back tears while visiting Bucha

“That is, redeployment to a part of the war front where they will have no chance of surviving, thus making it impossible for them to testify in future courts.”

It has also been reported that Ukrainian spies have heard there has been resistance among Russian ranks and that generals are threatening their troops with court martial if they resign.

Kyiv believes the troops will be arriving setting off for the border to re enter again on Friday (April 8).

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Russia denied accusations that its forces committed the atrocities
Russia denied accusations that its forces committed the atrocities

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Russia denied all accusations its forces committed these atrocities.

They even went as far to claim that Ukraine staged the horrific photos of dead bodies lining the streets of Kyiv.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy tragically fought back tears when he visited the suffering Bucha yesterday (Monday, 4 April).

The emotional leader vowed to ensure the “war crimes” committed by Russian soldiers in his country were “the last such evil on Earth”.

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Horrific photos from the city showed mutilated bodies of civilians scattered along the road in shallow mass graves.

Most were found with tied hands and signs of intense torture.


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