A Russian propaganda outlet has claimed that Ukrainian soldiers are performing black magic spells after reporting to a wall covered in a ‘Satanic seal’ behind enemy lines.

State news agency RIA showed photographs purporting to show the insignia blown-out Ukrainian artillery headquarters located close to the village of Trekhizbenka.

They quote an ‘expert’ as saying that the symbol, which appears to be made up of the anarchy sign modified by scribbles, represents a mix of Nazism and occultism, the Daily Mirror reports.

Ekaterina Dais told RIA: “This is a magical sigil (symbol) consisting of many intersecting lines.

“What it means is difficult to say for sure, in it you can see both the inverted sign of anarchy, and part of the “SS” sign, the rune zig, it is clearly visible in the extreme left sector of the circle, and the Hebrew letter “zain” written in German, meaning a sword or weapon.”

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Purported expert Ekaterina Dais told state news agency RIA that the symbol showed a mix of Nazism and occultism

The drawing of the sigil in one continuous hand movement also pointed to its “occult nature”, according to the purported expert.

RIA added that mortarmen on the Ukrainian side had made attempts to “consecrate” their weapons and smeared blood all over a written document, which they described as an attempt to make a pact with a demon.

Dais drew attention to the word “Zain” scrawled crudely under the symbol which she says means “sword” in the Hebrew alphabet.

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It was also suggested that Ukrainians had 'consecrated' weapons and smeared blood all over a document
It was also suggested that Ukrainians had ‘consecrated’ weapons and smeared blood all over a document

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She added: “Perhaps the spell’s authors performed rituals to strengthen weapons or ‘asked’ for more weapons to be sent to them”.

The SS sign claim appears to be the latest effort by Russia to draw comparisons between Zelenksyy’s government and the regime of Nazi Germany, with Putin describing ‘denazification’ as a primary objective of his military campaign at the outset.

It comes as Kremlin bosses have launched a massive propaganda campaign to drum up support for the war.

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Even though Instagram has officially been banned inside Russia, a group of young Russian women has taken to the platform to post glamorous photos and movies of themselves – often in vintage nurses’ costumes.

A propaganda clip circulating on Russian social media shows the women in their outfits handing out Easter cakes to a small group of soldiers.

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