Romantic Photos Of Ada Jesus Before Her Death

Mercy Cynthia Ginika Chukwu, who is famously known as Ada Jesus, passed on Wednesday, April 21.Since then word has gotten out around about her flight. Despite the fact that during her lifetime she was not all that mainstream yet demise has brought her such a lot of popularity kindly see and read more about her.

1) Ada Jesus and controversial Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje knew themself long ago before she died. But according to the rumour we heard it was said a curse was placed on her by the prophet after a rift came up between them, shortly after, she was admitted into the hospital.

2) Ada Jesus is a mother to a beautiful baby girl.

Before her death may God spare and prolong her life for the sake of her mother. May she not come to this world in vain.

3) Ada Jesus was not only a comedienne during her lifetime but she was also into acting.View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

4) Ada Jesus died two days after she celebrated her 23rd birthday on the sick bed.

5) Ada Jesus also had a boyfriend during her lifetime but we are not sure if they are married and living together.

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