A wild monkey attacked and almost kidnapped a three-year-old girl until a neighbour came to her rescue.

The toddler was seen on CCTV playing on a scooter outside when she is suddenly pounced upon, shoved to the ground and dragged away by an aggressive animal on Tuesday afternoon.

Luckily someone from the village in Southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality clocked the frightening child snatch on Tuesday afternoon and rushed to step in to prevent tragedy unfolding.

The girl’s mum, known only as Ms Liu explained she was cooking at the time and only found out a monkey tried running off with her daughter when next-door neighbours suggested she checked security footage.

The monkey preyed on the young girl as she played alone with a scooter

Thanks to the heroics of a passer-by the girl’s injuries were limited to just a few scratches on her face but police confirmed she had been taken to hospital for a full check over and vaccination.

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According to Mr Chen from the village, the same vicious monkey has previously tried its luck harassing the elderly since its arrival in the area last May.

Over the past year the savage beast has reportedly formed an intimidating troop with two other smaller monkeys but Tuesday marked the first time they had targeted a child.

Monkey attack
CCTV recorded the monkey take the child down to the ground

Worried mum Ms Liu called the police who told the the Beijing Youth Daily that the offending monkey lives in the mountains near the village and often visits the residential area but will generally avoid adults.

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An attempt made by officers to hunt down the monkey was unsuccessful but will keep an eye out for it and if possible hand it over to the wild animal protection department for the safety of itself and local kids.

The local forestry department told the media that monkeys rarely attack humans but measures are being taken to prevent a repeat of the terrifying incident, that could have ended a lot worse than it did.

In India an aggressive monkey has finally been captured after allegedly terrorising villagers for months after taking up residence in a nearby abandoned house.

Monkey dragging girl
The monkey was dragging the girl away until someone intervened

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The male grey langur monkey has reportedly been attacking children, damaging cars, and pushing people from their bikes in Panjlasa, Haryana for over two and half months.

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