A sports reporter was held up at gunpoint while he prepared to go on air in a shocking crime caught on video by his cameraman.

Diego Ordinola had a weapon pointed at his head by a man demanding his phone outside the stadium of Ecuadorian Serie A side Barcelona Sporting Club.

His cameraman, who recorded the violent scene, ended up handing over his mobile before the armed robber sprinted away to a waiting motorbike.

Diego, who was working for DirecTVSports, posted the footage of the incident on his own Twitter feed, saying: “We can’t even work in peace.”

The hold-up occurred outside in broad daylight outside Barcelona’s Monumental Stadium in the port city of Guayaquil.

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The gunman points the weapon at reporter Diego Ordinola
The gunman points the weapon at reporter Diego Ordinola

Police have yet to catch the gunman.

Footage taken by the TV showed the robber shouting out: “Telephone, give me your telephone”.

Heroically, the cameraman distracted the thug’s attention from the reporter he was targeting by shouting out: “Here, have this. This is mine.”

The victims waited for a few seconds before following the criminal and filming him riding off on the back of a getaway motorbike that had been waiting for him a few feet away.

The gunman flees the scene on foot
The gunman flees the scene on foot

Last year, an Argentinian journalist had his phone stolen as he got ready for a live TV broadcast in Sarandi in Buenos Aires province.

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Diego Demarco had his phone snatched from his hand by a thief as he ran past him before disappearing down an alleyway as he gave chase.

The journalist pleaded with one local as he realised he was unlikely to get his mobile back: “Please see if you can find the man who did it and tell him we’re from the television.

“Tell him to give it back to me because I work with that phone.”

It later emerged the thief had returned it to its owner after being warned police had identified him and were on their way to arrest him.

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