“Remove Me From This Pedestal You Put Me On” Faith Nketsi Responds To Hate Directed At Her Marriage

“Remove Me From This Pedestal You Put Me On” Faith Nketsi Responds To Hate Directed At Her Marriage

Faith Nketsi has hit back at everyone who thinks her marriage won’t last. In her career, Faith has engaged in a lot of contentious behaviour. She was an Instagram bad girl who had long since given up on getting married. Numerous fans were utterly shocked when it was revealed that she had wed.

Recently, she has been the target of numerous attacks on all of her posts. Fans assert that she won’t make a successful marriage. They claim that she only has a few years before she drops out and returns to her fun-filled, party-loving street life.

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The media personality appears to be handling the criticism well. She set the record straight because more and more people were boarding the train and pelting it.

Faith Nketsi -Image Credit: Instagram/Faith Nketsi

Faith emphasized that she is still the same person. She added that people shouldn’t expect her to behave as a very obedient and submissive wife because that is genuinely not who she is. She admitted on Twitter that she didn’t request that people hold her in high regard.

She also said that although she is currently a wife and a mother, that does not preclude her from going out and partying or dressing however she pleases. While some people admitted that they eagerly awaited the breakdown of her marriage, others admitted that she had inspired them.

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These are some of the comments made:


We all think she won’t last, not even five years in marriage; that’s all I’m giving her, lol!


I don’t think you are wife material, and no one can shift from being a party queen to a full-time mama like that. I’m not buying it, please, hey.

Honey Singh

So you moved from being a party animal to an obedient wife? I do not believe it. I’m giving your marriage a few years.

Faith Nketsi’s response to some of the comments:

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