Real reasons we exposed COZA pastor – Busola and Timi Dakolo speak again

Almost a year after heaping sexual molestation allegations on COZA’s Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, Busola Dakolo and husband in a new interview with Media Room Hub magazine have again disclosed why they decided to expose COZA’s Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo.

Sensational singer,Timi and Busola Dakolo, who are parents of three; two girls anreasonsd a boy, disclosed why it took them years to open up and expose the popular COZA pastor and their views on the final court ruling.

“I didn’t open up to revenge, I just wanted people to know that there are things happening in churches, you pray for peace in the country yet you are not standing in gap in prayers for the sheep in your care… you are quick to collect offerings…do things behind the scene……and everyone is trying to cover up….I spoke up just to say that things are not right and not to revenge

“I have girls, when I gave birth to my girls, I cried, my husband was wondering why i was crying but it’s cos i told God i don’t want girls cos i feel i can’t take care of them cos of what happened to me…and I can kill anyone that does such to them and I don’t mind going to jail for that….that is why I cried out…” Busola Dakolo said.

Adding his voice, Timi Dakolo said “The church is supposed to be a safe place and a place to run to from the craziness of this world, if the church is not save for us again, or if i can’t leave my daughter in church for rehearsals out of fear…..cos if it is not from the choir master, it is the pastor or minister… where is the safe place….our children will grow up one day and see that we, their parents stood up for what is right.”

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