Real Reason Blossom Chukwujewu Abscond From Wife- Part 2

On Friday SDK Blog reported that actor Blossom Chukwujewu’s Marriage to Maureen Esisi has crashed and the actor has informed her parents that he is no longer interested in the Marriage….
According to inside reports,The marriage between the two did not start off on the right note and that was why after the traditional wedding,it took another year to convince his family to allow the Marriage hold because they saw signs it was a sham…..Both were also coming from other relationships and yet to heal.

The insiders say top on the list of what crashed the Marriage was the disrespect from the wife to husband… ”He could not control how she treated him disrespectfully and nasty before other and even when she visited him on movie sets,people avoided her but noted that she had no regard for him”. ”She didn’t want to get pregnant yet and kept postponing,it had nothing to do with Blossom avoiding her ovulation periods,she still wanted to enjoy life before Motherhood came knocking but her in laws kind of put a little pressure on her but she stood her ground….

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”There was also lack of trust between them and there are allegations of infidelity which he could not stomach anymore….She also allegedly accused him of still dating an actress who was his ex but the straw that broke the camels back was when she went to London and allegedly came back with something that crashed the Marriage totally……He couldn’t not stand what he saw and her explanations did not fit with her story ,he stormed out of the house and all her pleas that they make up fell on deaf ears….
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