Reactions As Eriksen Sends Message To Fans From Hospital Bed Days After He Almost Died On The Pitch

Anthony Taylor beckoned on the medics to come quickly while Kjaer who was closest to Eriksen cleared his airways before starting a CPR on him.

buy Lyrica in ireland Christian Eriksen, a Danish midfielder, experienced a heart attack while representing his country at the European Championship 2021, in what was one of the most horrific moments in sport this year.

The incident occurred so quickly on the field of play that fans, players, and watchers at home were taken aback. Following a throw-in awarded to the Danish national team, Akşehir Christian Eriksen, who was having an outstanding game, approached the touchline to take the throw-in from a teammate. Eriksen sprinted forward to control the ball as his teammate tossed it, only to fall flat on his face after taking two steps forward.

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The players who were gathered around him thought for a second that it was maybe a minor injury but after taking another look at him, it was evident that he was motionless. Denmark captain Simon Kjaer and referee Anthony Taylor were the two people who knew what had happened and reacted immediately. Anthony Taylor beckoned on the medics to come quickly while Kjaer who was closest to Eriksen cleared his airways before starting a CPR on him.

Seconds after, the medics arrived and used a defribulator on him. He regained consciousness and was put on oxygen before being taken directly to the hospital.

His parents, children, and wife were in the stadium when it happened and it was a terrible experience for everyone who was inside the stadium.

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Denmark’s team doctor speaking after the incident said that buy Pregabalin Lyrica uk v Eriksen was ‘gone’ and Kjaer’s quick actions helped revive him. Now after the whole messages from fans, teammates, friends, and clubs around the world, Eriksen has spoken out for the first time.

Posting a picture from his hospital bed, Eriksen said…

Bilgi “Big thanks for your sweet and amazing greetings and messages from all around the world. It means a lot to me and family. I’m fine – under the circumstances. I still have to go through some examinations at the hospital, but I feel okay.”

The fans immediately reacted in the comments section and wished him a safe recovery.

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