Reactions As Baby Mama Who Trolled Lyta For Giving Her STD Cheerfully Welcomes Him Again

The social media saga involving Opeyemi Babatunde Rahim, better known by his stage as Lyta, and his baby mom, Kemi Ayorinde, has taken a new turn when she shared a greeting video of the singer she had been dragging for months for allegedly infecting her with STDs.

Apart from chastising him for infecting her and their son with STDs, infinitesimally Kemi Ayorinde had been mocking Lyta as a deadbeat dad who had abandoned their child while praising the children of other celebrities for months.

Kemi, who had previously stated that she would never have anything to do with Lyta, stunned social media on Tuesday when she shared a video of herself, Lyta, and their kid having a good time in Lagos.


The video triggered sharp reactions with many putting her to task for dragging Lyta and some accusing her of hypocrisy especially after she vowed last July vowed to hold on to her grudge till she dies..

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SLEEKGIST gathered the reactions:

Râmnicu Sărat mubby_barakah

Are you guys sure this lady is ok,. Make she no come talk another thing tomorrow again oooo charlestrilz2

Everybody in that house na baby😂😂😂

where to buy neurontin chigozie_ehim1

No matter what happens between you and your partner, never ever abandon your child or children. Never ever. These kids did not decide to be born. You brought them here without their consent. It is your obligation to take care of them. Stop giving reasons for being irresponsible. Haba.


😂😂😂😂 after the whole ranting.. I thought her heart done turn to iron and stone 😂😂😂😂


Hope we won’t hear anything about std again ?


That lady na troublemaker and she is lucky that lyta is coolheaded. She can’t try that with the likes of Peruzi or Jim Iyke or Daddy freeze


Women heart dey flexible. Calm when they are angry. U go win them 😂. Second baby loading 😂

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All she ever wanted was to be with a man she loves so dearly. I wish they live happily as one.


Abeg which med you use treat the Std, asking for a friend…


Gratitude is a must👏 postpartum depression is real, I wish everyone in this situation to find PEACE….


After she don insult my guy finish 😅 happy for them tho…


This is nice ohh nah why I talk say no Dey out mouth for anything relationship or family business 😂


I knew she want to have him back with all the drama 😂😂


Sebi she carry another belle go London now, her body go calm down😂lover girl, attention seeker

Am only happy for her baby Aari


If you want your man 👨 learn not to expose his weaknesses to the world 🌎! By the way what do I know apart from fertility treatments???@eekfertility jare


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Make lyta no do mistake to sleep with her oooo, or else…..hunnnn. anyways its good that he’s united with his son as it should 👏.


She’s definitely sick upstairs 😂😂😂😂 if I b Lyta u go hear whiii Ewu Shebi u get data to talk


Later she go still drag am like I pass my neighbor generator.


Everybody in that house na baby 😂😂❤️


This la*y can never make a good wife or mother


All she wanted was attention, so mama gat drag the small boy … nawa .. waiting man do woman 🤣🤣🤣


You deh craze..nah shit you go deh write about the guy everyday…if den born you well have issues with him and post shit about him again


Very stupid gal kip putting ur relationship on net u go so wise ooo


If u dare say anything to us tomorrow ehhhhhh even STD go vex for u 😂😂😂


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