RCCG Pastor caught PANT DOWN trying to sleep with a married woman in her husband’s house

An unexpected scandalous incident has happened involving a pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God RCCG ZONE 6 Akure, Pastor Bakare, who has been caught attempting to sleep with a married woman, right inside her husband’s house.

The woman played along and allowed him to undress completely before opening the door for her husband and others to come into disgrace and humiliate the pastor.

In the video the naked pastor could be seen begging for forgiveness, asking them not to expose him. But the woman involved was also heard saying that they will call his wife to come and see his shamefulness...

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Sometime ago, a Reverend, Paul Abam, head Pastor of Word Based Prophetic and Deliverance Ministry in Cross River State was nabbed planting charm in his cousin’s land, in a bid to extort money from him.

A family source said the Pastor told his cousin that he needed money to uproot a charm someone planted in his land. He was however traced and caught redhanded with some fetish stuffs at a shrine in Itigidi after a resident of the community saw him planting the said charm in the land. Read Here.


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