The UK’s largest outdoor horse show is under way and is one of the Queen’s favourite functions to attend.

But when she once tried to enter The Royal Windsor Horse Show, the monarch was prevented by a security guard from going in.

It was reported that the worker didn’t realise who she was and told her: “Sorry love, you can’t come in without a sticker.”

During the mishap, which took place in 1991, the monarch responded: “I think if you check, I will be allowed to come in!”

According to Hello, her majesty was eventually given the go-ahead to wander around the event after the guard confessed to mistaking her for “some old dear” who had become lost.

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The Queen at the Royal Windsor Horse Show

The Queen has been attending the show, which is held right next to Windsor Castle, since she was a young girl and her love of horses is well-known.

Tomorrow an extravaganza called A Gallop Through History will take place at the horse show to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

She is “planning and hoping to attend” at least part of the two-hour performance, if she is well enough, according to royal sources.

Her Majesty was forced to pull out of the State Opening of Parliament on Tuesday after suffering recurrent “episodic mobility problems” which have plagued her since last Autumn.

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Her heirs Prince Charles and Prince William stood in on her behalf, with the Prince of Wales reading the sovereign’s speech for the first time, although the words were not changed.

The monarch was once turned away from the event
The monarch was once turned away from the event

The official marking of her birthday on June 2 is the start of a special bank holiday weekend of celebrations, with events planned over four days for the Platinum Jubilee.

Palace sources have described Her Majesty as having “good days and less good days” in regards to her ongoing mobility issues, which have led to her missing out or cancelling several high profile events in recent months, but she still remains “absolutely pin-sharp in mind”.

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The Queen is said to not want to use a wheelchair in public, although it is understood she has recently used one on occasion in private.

She recently took delivery of a £64,000 golf buggy that she uses to drive around the Windsor Castle estate to take her beloved dogs for a walk.

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