One of Vladimir Putin’s closest sidekicks claims Russian troops will advance across Europe “until they reach Stonehenge”.

Vladimir Solovyov – dubbed “Putin’s Voice” – regularly makes outlandish threats against the UK on his weekly TV show, including claiming Zircon nuclear missiles would “bomb Britain back to the Stone Age”.

Asked this week how far west Russia ’s military would advance, he replied: “Well, when we have to, then we will.

“Where will we stop? As I was saying today, maybe Stonehenge. Liz Truss says she’s the one fighting the war.’’

Foreign Secretary Ms Truss has come under fire from Moscow for sending arms to Ukraine and taking a harsh line on anti-Russian sanctions.

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Solovyov is known to be close to Putin

Solovyov, 58, also repeated a slur Russia has peddled since invading Ukraine, claiming: “You are Nazis, you are Nazis.’’

His outburst came after Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov tried to halt rumours that Putin, 69, has cancer, Parkinson’s or a mental disorder.

Lavrov, 72, told France’s TF1 channel: “President Vladimir Putin makes public appearances on a daily basis.

“You can see him on TV screens, read and listen to his speeches. I don’t think a sane person can suspect any signs of an illness or ailment in this man.

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“I’ll leave it on the conscience of those who disseminate such rumours despite daily opportunities for everyone to see how he looks.’’

The Russian advance won't stop until it reaches Stonehenge, Solovyov reckons
The Russian advance won’t stop until it reaches Stonehenge, Solovyov reckons

In a previous threat levelled at the UK, Solovyov said the country could be wiped out by just one of Russia’s new 15,880mph ‘Satan-2’ Sarmat hypersonic missiles.

“As it turned out, one Sarmat means minus one Great Britain,” he said, after describing the supply of British weapons to Ukraine as “boorish”.

He has also threatened a wider conflict, saying claimed there would be “no mercy” for Europe and all NATO countries as he claims the fight against Ukraine is “no longer enough”.

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He also questioned whether the 30 nations which make up NATO, including the UK and US, will have enough weapons to defend themselves when the Russia-Ukraine war ends.

Solovyov said on the state-owned Russian television channel Russia 1: “I believe the special military operation is entering a new stage. Ukrainians alone are no longer enough.”

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