Ill-looking Vladimir Putin has been hit with another blow in his bloody invasion of Ukraine – as UK intelligence revealed he is likely to have lost around a third of his troops sent to war in February.

The news is the latest in a series of whopping set-backs for the aggressive Russian President, who sparked rumours he is close to death after he was pictured looking bloated and weak.

Top Russians are worried the former-KGB agent has Parkinson’s disease and schizoaffective disorder, with one oligarch caught saying Putin is “very ill with blood cancer”.

The supposedly-macho dictator was also seen donning a blanket over his legs and coughing, whilst one expert claimed Putin had undergone cosmetic surgery and had fillers to change his weak look.

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Damage to Russian equipment has been much heaver than predicted

But the latest news means his grave health isn’t his only worry – British military officials announced that as well as losing a third of his troops, his army is ravaged with bad morale and has lost a significant amount of its equipment.

According to reports, morale within the invaders is so bad that Russian generals have been forced to shoot their own soldiers for being “cowards”.

Putin was the only official who needed a blanket to stay warm

And the battle for the seas is going equally as badly for the Kremlin, with warship Admiral Makarov “bursting into flames” just weeks after the sinking of flagship Moskva.

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The UK intelligence update today (May 15) said the offensive has “lost momentum and fallen significantly behind schedule”.

It added: “Russian forces are increasingly constrained by enabling capacities, continued low morale and reduced combat effectiveness.

Issues are piling up for Vladimir Putin

“Many of these capabilities cannot be quickly replaced or reconstituted and are likely to continue to hinder Russian operations in Ukraine.”

As deranged Putin grows more desperate with the war – which he initially believed would be an easy win for his army – he has upped his nuclear threats to the West.

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One of his top politicians even claimed his country had the power to wipe out the whole of the UK in just 200 seconds with chilling SATAN missiles.

According to Putin crony Aleksey Zhuravlyov, the destruction will be even quicker for Finland, who could face the grim destruction in just 10 seconds.

Russian tank
Russian morale is so low they have destroyed their own equipment to avoid battle, reports say

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His grim threat is made all the more sinister after Putin admitted no one would win if nuclear war broke out.

But with the war in Ukraine quickly becoming a disaster and his health failing in the public eye, Putin could soon be overthrown by Kremlin officials.

One expert said he was “in a terrible place” as his bid to stop NATO expansion led to more countries joining the alliance, and top Russian officials are fuming.

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