Police are searching for two men who gunned down a professional kickboxer and left him fighting for his life in hospital.

Sam Abdulrahim, 30, was shot several times while leaving his cousin’s funeral in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and is now in a critical condition in Royal Melbourne Hospital.

He was driving a black Mercedes four-wheel-drive, near the Fawkner cemetery around noon (Australia time) on Saturday, when two men wearing balaclavas in a grey Mazda SUV ambushed his car and sprayed it with bullets, hitting Abdulrahim at least three times in the chest.

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Victoria police Acting Superintendent Boris Buick said Abdulrahim managed to drive himself to Fawkner police station following the shooting.

The men fled the scene after they crashed their car into a fire hydrant just over a mile away.

The gunmen fled the scene after crashing their car into a fire hydrant

Superintendent Buick said the men then went to a nearby service station where they carjacked a mother and her child in a black Ford Territory at gunpoint.

A few hours later, the car was found by police 15km away, at a town called Epping.

“The mother and her son were not injured, but obviously it was a terrifying experience.”

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Abdulrahim, who owns boxing management company Punisher Promotions, was previously jailed for two years after he lost control of his sports car and crashed, killing 88-year-old Muriel Hulett.

“Police are looking for any witnesses, to come forward and speak to police,” Superintendent Buick said.

“An incident like this is terrifying for the public and for the people involved.”

Two gunmen are still on the run after spraying Sam Abdulrahim's car with bullets, leaving him fighting for his life
Two gunmen are still on the run after spraying Sam Abdulrahim’s car with bullets, leaving him fighting for his life

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Fawkner resident, Danny Perini told 9News he thought it was shocking the incident occurred so close to home. He said: “A friend drove past and said there was a bit of commotion at the the police station.

“There’s been a shooting. That car has a couple of holes through the window.

“It’s just a bit concerning considering we only live 500 metres away.”

Victoria Police confirmed detectives from the Armed Crime Squad are investigating and searching for the gunmen.


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