Prison Warder Saga : New Video Of Prisoners’ S3x Driven Lavish Life In SA Prisons Hits Online

A viral video between a female jail jailer and a prisoner started commotion in Mzansi and in the wake of these uproars Mzansi was left gutted with the lavish life inmates are being privileged to.

In the wake of these and other show which has damaged the Correctional Services, another trying video has been making rounds of the lavish life detainees get inside a portion of our jails.

Well from the looks of things judging from the viral clip South Africa inmates are indeed living large. Perhaps way much better than those of the outside world.

Wow, it seems as if South African prisoners are living a luxurious lifestyle in jail. These videos have proven that people from jail can get whatever they want and anytime they want it.

Bear in mind that cellphones are not allowed in jail. The prisoners can not own a cellphone or a Sound system. If these people are not allowed to have these things then, how do they get them?

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In the latest video making rounds, some inmates are seen vibing to some of the latest music hits. How do they even come to have access to a sound system in their cells?

As if the sound system wasn’t enough the inmates were seen wearing slim outfits which looked as if they were altered. Well to many their attire is supposed to be overalls but to our surprise, the prisoner’s are wearing slim fit overalls. Who has time to redesign these overalls for them?

However, it seems as if it is nice in prison better than outside. However little is known about this video making rounds but one can tell its somewhere in South Africa.

Well, check out the video below :


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