Pregnant woman runs for help after husband attempts to beat her for not cooking early

A very pitiful moment in Lagos today as one pregnant woman escaped beating from her husband who claimed that she didn’t cook early.

According to Twitter user, @queenyetty1_ who shared the story, the lady ran to her for help as the man chased her, wanting to beat her.

She also said the man was even trying to force himself into her shop even after the wife ran for help. Read her tweets below…

This pregnant lady just ran into my studio, she fell down at the entrance and I quickly rushed to help her. It turns out that her husband was the one chasing her, he wanted to beat her for not cooking early. Wtf

And the man is still trying to force his way in just to come beat her! Mr Man if you try nonsense here police go carry you! Animal.

She’s still here waiting for him to go so she can leave

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