Police are hunting a notorious bank robber called Bigfoot after he cut through his cell doors and escaped custody.

Roque Jacinto Gonzalez Almiron, 48 – who earned the nickname because he has six toes on one of his feet – was detained along with three accomplices on February 8 after a string of crimes in Paraguay.

They were being held at the National Police Department of Investigations and awaiting coronavirus test results before being moved to an open prison.

According to the newspaper RDN, Bigfoot and his three companions took advantage of the delay, cutting through the bars of their cell door and escaping via the roof.

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A getaway vehicle was waiting for them outside the station.

Broken bars in a cell which was housing Roque Jacinto Gonzalez Almiron
He and three accomplices escaped police custody in Paraguay by cutting through their cell bars

Almiron was wanted on a range of charges and has been liked to a heist during the summer of 2019.

He allegedly led a group of experienced criminals armed with weapons and explosives on a bank job in the city of Liberacion in central Paraguay.

The bank heist quickly turned violent and two members of the public were shot at close range.

One man was blasted as he drove past the bank in his car, and a second man was shot as he walked up to the bank.

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Although the robbers got away with the money, the police caught one of the individuals who then provided information on his boss’ location.

Bigfoot and three of his partners in crime, Joel Mancuello, Jesus Irala, and Diego Duarte, were afterwards detained.

Following the escape, Gilberto Fleitas – from the Department of Organised Crime – told the local radio station Universo 970 AM: “There are aspects of the events that cannot be explained, but there are no excuses for what happened.”

Interior Minister Arnaldo Giuzzio announced that all agents who were in the building during the escape will be thoroughly vetted.

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The authorities claim to have a potential lead on the group’s location, as just hours after the escape four individuals wearing bulletproof vests stopped a vehicle, took its occupant’s hostage, and then released them.

The search is ongoing.

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