Police find family's decomposing bodies as flies swarm apartment after stabbing

Police found a family’s decomposing bodies after a man

Officers were called to the apartment in the Russian city of Shchyolkovo on May 30.

They then discovered Firuz Erov, 42, his 40-year-old wife Yulia and their two daughters Diana, 17, and Dayana, 11.

Officers believe their bodies had been inside the apartment for around a month.

Swarms of flies had started to gather outside the apartment’s windows and neighbours were complaining about the smell.

The female victims had suffered stab wounds to their chests, and an empty bottle of acetic acid was lying next to Erov.

Officers believe he killed them, but are not yet certain of a motive.

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Their daughters Diana, 17, [right] and Dayana, 11
Diana, 17, [right] and Dayana, 11, suffered stab wounds to the chest
(Image: Newsflash)


Investigators believe there had been tension between Erov and his wife because he had allegedly gambled away significant sums of money.

No one had previously raised the alarm about the family’s disappearance as the sisters were homeschooled.

Relatives had not noticed their disappearance either as they mostly live in Tajikistan.

Officers seized a number of items from the scene as the authorities carry out autopsies on the dead bodies.

The investigation continues.

Last week, police officers in Madrid, Spain, discovered the body of a pensioner who had been devoured by her pet cats after she died home alone.

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By the time she was found, three mounts after her death, Clara Ines Tobon had been “eaten from the waist up”, a neighbour was told by police.

Officers said it was “the worst thing they had seen in their entire career”.

The Colombian had seven cats, and it’s thought that at least five of them had been feasting on her decomposing body.

The tragic 79-year-old was found last week after neighbours complained of a stench coming from her home.

Firefighters were called by police to gain access to the apartment via a window.

After Ciara’s body was found, tests were carried out on the pensioner to see if she had died from Covid-19.

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Neighbours said she had been ill since last year, although post-mortem exam results haven’t been released yet.

The two surviving felines, which were in a poor state, were taken to an animal rescue centre.

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