Police Arrest Man Who Killed Chiredzi Security Guard And Set His Body On Fire

Police Arrest Man Who Killed Chiredzi Security Guard And Set His Body On Fire

Police Arrest Man Who Killed Chiredzi Security Guard And Set His Body On Fire-iHarare

In a positive development, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP)  finally arrested a Chiredzi man in connection with the gruesome murder of a 60-year-old security guard whose headless body was discovered early this week.

William Simango (24)  was arrested on Friday in Chisumbanje for killing Lazawa Salani in cold blood. Simango allegedly beheaded Salani before he burnt his torso with tyres and plastics at Maria Mabasa Scrapyard.

Masvingo Police spokesperson Kudakwashe Dehwa confirmed the arrest of William Simango to The Mirror. He said;

Police have arrested a suspect in connection with this case. I cannot give you full details at the moment because I am not in the office.

During their preliminary investigations, the police reportedly discovered  Simango’s blood-stained clothes which linked him to the murder.

The police also recovered Salani’s blood-stained uniforms and trails of blood on some bales of plastic scrap he guarded.

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An impeccable source who spoke on condition of anonymity revealed that Simango was a former employee at Maria Mabasa Scrap Camp before he was fired. He was replaced as a guard at the scrap camp by the now- deceased. The source also revealed that earlier in the day before he committed the heinous act, Simango threatened to kill Salani as punishment for taking away his job.

According to the police report, on the fateful day, Salani reported for duty on 26 March at around 6.30 pm at his workplace, Maria Mabasa Plastic scrap collection space which is an open space near the Chiredzi Magistrate Court and took over from Brian Mandikisa (28) of Godo road Tshovani.

At around 6.45 am the following morning, when Mandikisa reported for work to relieve Salani he could not locate him and informed their employer Maria Mabasa who advised him to report a missing person report.

When he came back from the police, he searched for the now deceased in the company of Samson Gundani (36) and Mabasa Prince Winston (26) and discovered blood stains and gravel used to conceal the blood. They saw a human-like body in the smoldering scrap nearby and rushed back to the police to report the incident.

When police attended the scene, they found the torso burning from the plastics and tyres wrapped around it.

Meanwhile, Salani’s chopped head was later discovered wrapped in a sack and buried in a small shallow pit about 1.5km from where the body was burning.


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Salani’s remains were taken to Chiredzi General Hospital mortuary.

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