Please Stop Combining Eggs With Any Of These 5 Foods, It Is Very Dangerous

Many individuals everywhere on the world are gigantic aficionados of eggs. Eggs are gotten from creatures, generally chickens and birds and they contain a ton of supplements and nutrients that is totally useful for the body. Eggs can be cooked or seared and it works out positively for bunches of different indulgences like rice, noodles, sweet potato, and others. Most likely, eggs are delightful and extraordinary for everybody, notwithstanding old enough or sex.

However, eggs can be poisonous to the body sometimes, especially when it is being combined with some certain foods. Combining the wrong foods together with eggs can actually lead to indigestion, constipation, bloating and even heart disease, diarrhea, etc. It is true that some people combine foods to gain more nutrients and have a greater effect but then, some food combination is very much dangerous and everyone should avoid them if they want to live long.


Examples of good food combination is rice and beans, beans and bread, bread and butter, rice and egg sauce and lots more. After all, there is a saying that, “you are what you eat”, so a person needs to eat properly to stay healthy and strong. So in this article, I’m going to be mentioning some foods which are very bad to combine with eggs, whether cooked or fried because it can bring about food poisoning and damage a person’s body and health. See them below;

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1. Eggs and Beans.

Both eggs and beans are in the protein class of food but they do not go well together when it comes to food combination. They can lead to bloating or indigestion in the stomach.

2. Eggs and Milk.

Eating fried or cooked eggs with milk is actually a very bad idea of food combination. Because eggs contains nutrients that prevent the absorption of iron and calcium from milk.

3. Eggs and Fish.

This is also a very bad combination because Avidin, an ingredient or nutrient found in eggs can fight out the vitamins in the fish. Instead of eating eggs with fish, use vegetables instead.

4. Eggs and Banana.

This is actually one of the worst food combination a person could ever do because it is highly poisonous. A person should not even eat eggs the same day with Bananas. It could kill you.

5. Eggs and Cassava (Garri).

Some people may find themselves eating Garri with cooked or fried eggs and this is like one of the worst food combinations on earth. It is very poisonous to eat cassava grain together with eggs. Be careful.

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Thanks for reading, I hope you have learnt something good from this article and you are not doing any of these dangerous combinations. Please share this article. You might save someone from food poisoning.

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