Please Open The Roads – Some Northern Traders Cry Out After Allegedly Loosing 10 Billion In A Week

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Bhawānipatna Some traders in the north are presently feeling the heat and effect of road closures, just a week after the roads were closed.

ivermectin pastillas It was just last week when news of roads being shut against Northerners surfaced on the internet. According to credible news source, trucks conveying goods from the north were stopped and returned back to the Nothern states, from where they came.

The trucks which normally ply the North to eastern parts of the country were faced with opposition, when angry youths took over the roads and mounted a road block. The youths demanded that the trucks conveying the goods, turn back to the direction from where it loaded the goods.

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The traders have since lost a huge amount of money because of that action. The traders lamented that the action is causing them a huge loss, as their goods are mostly perishable goods thus causing them to go bad.

On the issue of taking the goods to nearby countries to sell, they complained that the goods taken to those countries are bought way below prices, and due to the fact that those countries already have those produce, they are forced to either gift them out or abandon the goods.

The traders especially those who sell perishable goods have reportedly lost a whopping sum of 10 Billion Naira.

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