Playgirl once ran a competition where the winner could sleep with Donald Trump while he was going through a chaotic divorce, it has been revealed.

Twitter users were stunned to see the images from the 1990 magazine issue, which promoted his newfound singledom.

The jaw-dropping ads were re-shared by an account that shares random and interesting moments from Trump’s life.

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On Monday (June 27), @oldTrumpTweetz posted an image of the magazine cover alongside the bizarre promotion.

One photo read: “He’s rich, almost single and yours for the asking. Here’s how [you can] get the Donald out of your dreams and into your bed.”

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The contest was launched in 1990

The inside advert told his potential suitors that “he’s tall, good looking, about to be divorced and rich beyond your wildest imagination.”

Trump’s messy divorce from his first wife Ivana, was exposed across several New York tabloids in the 1990s, reports

Playgirl ran the tempting contest in the same year, according to a fact check by Snopes in January 2020.

Ivana alleged that she endured “cruel and inhuman treatment” from her husband and they later settled between $14m to $25m.

Playgirl hoped their bombshell Trump offer would recreate the success of Playboy with their female readers.

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Snopes highlighted that the competition was probably a PR stunt coordinated and paid for by the former president himself or a book publisher.

But it turned out that the competition used clever wordplay and the actual prize up for grabs, was a pillowcase with Trump’s face on it.

The silk-screened pillow offered readers the chance to “lie there whispering sweet nothings in his ear all night.”

However, it is unclear how the winner, if there was one, reacted to the deceptive reward.

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