Pics| Zim Slay Queen Plaxedes Doobae Sends Shockwaves With Zodwa Wabantu Inspired Dressing At Rick Ross Show


Zimbabwean slay queens Plaxedes Doobae and Chido Chidziva sent shockwaves on the internet with their Zodwa Wabantu-inspired dressing at Rick Ross’s maiden performance.

Plaxedes Doobae and Chido Chidziva were part of the crowd that graced Rick Ross’ performance at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC) on Friday night.



The two socialites became the topic of discussion on Saturday when a prominent Zimbabwean journalist Blessed Mhlanga shared their pictures on his official Twitter account.

The NewsDay journalist posted the socialite’s pictures with the caption “Underwear is overrated #RickRossInZimbabwe“. Twitter users took to the comments section and weighed in on the two socialites’ outfits.

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Below are some of the comments:


Idk about all this fuss but not wearing underwear has always been our culture way from mbuya nehanda days


This was a hip hop event ndo atori maPfekero acho Zimbabwe we have a lot of things to worry about not zvekupfeka Kuma bhawa kuri ku stripwa munhu kusara asina hinhu asi amuzvitauri


We can’t see anything anywhere. Next time a slim person should wear this.


Some women are becoming a danger to society, this my body my choice mantra won’t end well, one day someone is just going to pitch up naked, something has to be done, we are a society of morals, zvanyanya izvi

Plaxedes Doobae [Images: Twitter/@Zimbuzz & Instagram/Zim Weddings]

Plaxedes Doobae born Paxedes Dube hogged the headlines for all the wrong reasons last year after a malicious rumour went viral on social media.

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It was alleged that she had cheated on her now ex-husband Hastings Rwizi. She was supposedly dumped after one of the members of her roora/lobola squad during a game of truth or dare, allegedly told her husband that the child he was taking care of as his was in fact someone else’s.

Plaxedes Doobae denied the allegations and was vindicated by DNA test results which proved that Hastings was indeed the biological father of the child.  However, the two went their separate ways.

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