A paedophile who has admitted to a string of repulsive child sex offences has been shown dressed up as a clown and wearing Harry Potter themed pyjamas in a series of weird photographs.

Former music teacher Benjamin Heels, 33 pleaded guilty to 35 offences at Melbourne’s Magistrates Court on Friday (April 29).

These charges included engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child under 16, intentionally sexually touching a child and producing child abuse material reports the Mail.

Heels was joined in the dock over video link with his boyfriend Tristan Cullinan-Smayle, who pleaded guilty to a separate series of charges that included possessing and transmitting child abuse material as well as procuring a child for sexual activity.

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Heels had been arrested in May 2021 when he was caught with child abuse material on an electronic device.

Heels was pictured in Harry Potter pyjamas

Melbourne Magistrates Court also heard that he had produced child abuse material between January 1 and May 20 – six days before his arrest.

Heels had been employed as a music teacher at the Fountain Gate Secondary College and had previously urged parents to stop their kids singing about sex.

In a creepy Facebook post from June 2020, Heels said: “Parents please make sure you are sending your kids to a vocal coach who understands their voice.

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“Call me old fashioned but I cringe and get so uncomfortable hearing children sing songs about sex.”

Court documents suggest that Heels’ offending occurred between January 1 and May 14, 2021.

The two men will appear in county court later this month

Heels’ boyfriend Cullinan-Smayle’s offending went back to December 2017, the court heard.

Then, at the age of 28, he had procured a child to engage in sexual activity.

They will both appear in County Court later this month.

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