A pastor has impregnated a mother and her daughter.

“I always share with her what’s happening in my life. I told her when I started dating the pastor and she pretended to be happy for me, knowing she was poking him, too. I always shared with her whenever the pastor and I spent time together. She could tell I was really in love with him.

“I told my mum after I found out I was two months pregnant. She was happy for me, but I could sense some tension. A month later my mum revealed she was also two months pregnant.

I told her this was a blessing and we were going to have fun. We were going to raise our kids together. We planned to make them look like twins. But she never told me who the baby daddy was,” Lucy Sengati told the Daily Sun.

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Lucy said she asked to use her mum’s phone last week to call her friend. “While we were talking my mum was called outside by a friend.

I decided to call my pastor bae with her phone, who said ‘my love’ when he answered.

“I dropped the call and a text from the pastor came, telling my mum how much he missed her and their unborn baby.”


Yesterday Budiriro residents were in for a treat as one tenant known as Reason Musiwechivi battled for his life after his landlord discovered he had impregnated both his wife and daughter.Reason is the Bachelor and one of Mr. Nyauta’ tenants who has always been giving his landlord’s wife a ride to town ever since the lockdown began.

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“I hate them for what they did to me. They made me a fool. I started attending the church three years ago and already imagined myself as mam’fundisi.”

Her mother Vumile said “Yes, I’m pregnant, but I don’t like people interfering in my business. I’ll do so when I’m ready to reveal the father. I won’t be pushed by anyone to do it now.”

The pastor said “I know I messed up and I’m willing to fix everything. I love Lucy and care for her mum. I want both of them to be happy.

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