Pastor denies ministry, church members to avoid being arrested for violating social distancing order

elementally A Nigerian pastor has allegedly denied his congregation members and his ministry after Covid-19 taskforce team stormed his prayer ground.

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Kozakai-chō In a video that surfaced online, the pastor is seen being interrogated by the taskforce while he kept on saying he doesn’t know any of the members.

According to the leader of the taskforce team, he insinuated that the crowd is too much, there are children and women which they have all  violated the social distancing order.

The pastor repeatedly declared that they are Catholic members and he doesn’t know their pastor, he further said they have been coming to the mountain for some days back and he has warned them to stop coming which they have resulted it into a fight.

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He was also accused by a member of the taskforce that he fought him when they arrived at the spot which he also denied it and claimed to be just a man not a pastor.

Watch the video below;


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