Oyo gov’ship aspirant berates Sunday Igboho, says no sane person’ll align self with his agitation for Yoruba nation

Mr Saheed Ajadi, a governorship candidate in Oyo State, has chastised Yoruba activist Chief Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, for his agitation for the Yoruba nation.

Remember that Igboho was apprehended by security operatives in Cotonou last week Monday, while he was waiting to fly to Germany, in an attempt to avoid being apprehended by Nigeria’s secret police.

He emphasized that Igboho had no worth in advising Yorubas on where the country should go.

Ajadi said:

“Sunday Igboho is just an example of lost values. Igboho cannot tell the Yorubas how to move in Nigeria when I love this country so much.”

“How can Sunday Igboho tell us we should destroy Nigeria and become the Yoruba nation, for what?”

“When some of us are working so hard to ensure that the unity of Nigeria stands. My best friend is a Fulani man. Does it mean that few bad eggs among the Fulanis destroy the whole Fulanis?”

“I love President Muhammadu Buhari, he is a Fulani man, he is my president. I like him like my brother. So why would he want to tell him to go?”

“He should tell him he is trying and if he is not doing the best, let us teach him more. We are Nigerians, we support him freely. It is not about him giving us money, we will use our brains to make Nigeria work.”

“I don’t have any other nation. Why would Igboho want to destroy the nation?”

“He said the Fulanis should go in Igangan. After his one-man show there, they came back on a counterattack. He was not there to defend them when scores of people were killed on reprisal. That is not common sense. Why does he want to fight, that means he is stupid. He incites the war and he is not prepared for the war.”

“His children and wives are not in Nigeria, so he is a stupid man; he is not a warrior. When you want to fight a war, you don’t tell the next man what you planned to do.”

“Let him go and sit down. He should stop being the mouthpiece for the Yorubas. Only a stupid person will follow Sunday Igboho,” Ajadi fumed.


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