One Body part you should never wash or clean to avoid Hospital

Today we’ll be talking about one body part that we should never clean to avoid ending up at the hospital.

At least Every day when you wake up you get in the bathroom to take a shower, you likely scrub your body down from head to toe. Definitely that’s the key to cleaning our body parts . But of course some parts of the body are not meant to be cleaned constantly.

Your Ears is that one body part you should never clean constantly, by cleaning your ear you’re likely doing more bad than good. by using cotton tips applicators to clean the ear canal doesn’t only push the ear wax to the ear drum but also there’s a significant risk of causing minor or severe injuries to the ear.

The first time medical concerns were brought up About ear injury and Cotton swab was in 1972- nearly 50 years they were first created This study from the 70’s indicates the report of tympanic membrane perforation (TMP), otitis externa and cerumen impaction after using cotton swabs. And this created a spur among the health Officials warning against the use of cotton swab.

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