Omo-Jesu in Secret Affair with British Born Jamaican Lady in UK

There is an reportedly secret affair between Nigerian Radio Presenter and comedian, Omo Jesu and a British born Jamaican lady in the UK.

Newsmen obtained images of the comedian variously hanging out with the new lady after he relocated to the UK.

Omo Jesu, who popularly regards himself as Bishop of Comedy was previously married to Anita Mohammed in Nigeria, with whom they had three kids before their separation.

The former radio presenter with Faaji FM had reported that his ex-wife left the house with their three kids while things were tight back home, following which he had also picked up his pieces and worked out plans to move on with life.

He had confided in friends how he managed through depressive moments following his ex-wife’s abrupt breakup with him despite their three kids together, but due to situational difficulties.

The new lady Omo Jesu makes out with in the UK is Christine, according to finding by Objectv media blog. Their affair is said to be intimate and may soon culminate in a nuptial bond.

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