Nupur Sharma Controversy: BJP Spokesperson Booked Over Prophet Mohammad Remark

These days, when uncounted controversies are coming out from the world of politics, so seldom an hour is passing without dropping even a single agonist behavior or clip. Something similar is again coming to the fore since BJP spokesperson “Nupur Sharma” came into the limelight due to her statement which became the cause of heavy debate. As soon as everyone is getting acquainted with the issue there immense reactions are coming out. Hence, heavy searches are spotted on her name because everyone would like to make themselves familiar with everything, so below you could get the comprehensive details along with some untold facts.

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Nupur Sharma Controversy BJP Spokesperson Booked Over Prophet Mohammad Remark

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Nupur Sharma was attending the TV debate which was containing the “Gyanwapi Case” which is remaining a hot discussion between both communities. Therefore, even a single remark could make a huge difference this is the reason, think twice before throwing anything out of your mouth. Ever since her statement came out on National Television it turned into an agonist, hence she received immense backlashing as well from the opposition while a few were appreciating her for the courage to speak out the truth.

Nupur Sharma Controversy Explained

Reportedly, on Friday, 27th May 2022 BJP National Spokesperson “Nupur Sharma” admitted that she and her family are continuously receiving the life-threats from those who were against her statement. Further, she added that someone is sending her rape threats too because of which, she is not feeling safe even at her own residence. Because she did not know that her courage will become the enemy of her life, even she accused Alt News co-founder Mohammad Zubair of posting her statement on Twitter with editing. Hence, she is requesting to the concerned authorities for providing her with strict security so that, no one could harm her.

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Besides all these, uncounted are coming out in her support while sharing their thoughts and assuring that nothing will happen to her, as the concerned authority is investigating the case at the time of providing her security. Only these pieces have been liberated by the sources and therefore, and still, our team is looking ahead to fetch more. So therefore when we will get something we will make you acquainted for sure, as still, a few reports are throwing out further information. But if you want to get a bit deeper then you could search for the case as well.